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The Rapides Parish School Board shall require the compilation of a list of qualified individuals to serve as day-by-day substitute employees within the school district.   The Superintendent or his/her designee shall prepare the list assuring that all those listed possess appropriate employment criteria, including verification of teachers’ qualifications and certification.


To qualify as an approved substitute teacher, each applicant must possess all of the following criteria:


A.           Appear for a personal interview with the Director of Personnel/designee

B.           Submit to a background check

C.           Present a high school diploma or college transcript


Principals or their designated administrative representatives shall call substitute teachers from the approved list in case of absence of a regular teacher.  It shall be the responsibility of the principal and the regular teacher to ensure that the substitute teacher has the necessary instructions and materials to teach effectively, including textbooks, lesson plans, class rolls, schedules and an outline of local school procedures.


Retired teachers may be employed as substitute teachers provided that use of retired teachers as substitutes is in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana and pertinent statutory provisions.


Qualified teachers may also be selected to substitute for teachers who plan to be absent for extended periods of time.  Provisions shall be made for the hiring of, or contracting with applicable substitute teachers in these instances as developed by the Superintendent and staff.




Compensation paid to substitute teachers shall be based upon the degree status of the substitute in accordance with a pay schedule as set by the Board.


For the purposes of this policy a substitute teacher shall be defined as a person employed by the Rapides Parish School Board on a day-by-day basis or in the place of a regular teacher who is on leave and shall not include substitute administrators such as assistant principals, principals, supervisors, directors, whose payment is governed by other Board policies or procedures.





In order to qualify as a certified bus operator substitute, individuals must meet the following standards:


1.         Physical examination annually, the results of which indicate a satisfactory health condition;


2.         Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL);


3.         Satisfactory completion of all pre-service certification requirements.


A list of approved certified substitutes shall be furnished all school bus operators at the beginning of each school year, and bus operators shall be expected to use certified drivers from the active list as substitutes.  The names of bus drivers who substitute shall be placed on an active list.


The Board shall pay a maximum of $200 to the driver for the cost of a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) once the driver has substituted twenty (20) or more times during the school year.


Substitutes To Fill Route Vacancies


A substitute bus operator may only be used as a temporary resource until a permanent operator can be appointed to a route.  A substitute operator may not drive a route for a period that exceeds the end of the school year during which the operator began driving the route.


A substitute bus operator shall be paid a daily rate as approved by the Board, but in no case less than sixty-five (65%) of the daily rate of pay being paid the regular bus operator to be computed by dividing the annual pay of the regular operator by the number of school days in the regularly scheduled session, exclusive of any compensation or mileage allowance for use of a privately owned bus.  The substitute pay for an operator driving in the morning or afternoon, but not both, shall be paid half the full regular substitute pay.



Revised:  August 7, 2007  

Revised:  October 6, 2009

Revised:  July, 2012


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