RAPIDES PARISH SCHOOL BOARD                          

P.O. BOX 1230

Alexandria, Louisiana

     February 24, 2010


Dear Sir/Madam:


I, Steve Berry, do hereby give notice that the Rapides Parish School Board will meet in regular public session at its domicile at 619 Sixth and Beauregard Streets in the City of Alexandria, Louisiana, at 5:00 p.m. on

TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 2010           


for the purpose of discussing, considering and taking action upon the following motions or such substitute motions as might be lawfully made concerning the following, to wit:


1.      Call to order

2.      Invocation, Pledge

3.      Roll call


             4.    Recognize:
                    a.    the Board’s student guest from Buckeye High School – Mr. E. L. Paulk


        b.    Poland Jr. High School for the bulletin board display in the lobby of the School
               Board Office for the month of March 2010 - Mr. Thomas Roque


      c.    Antonio Roberts of Peabody Magnet High School for being awarded the National
             Horatio Alger Scholarship – Dr. Gary L. Jones


      d.    Jazmen Gladney of Peabody Magnet High School as a National Achievement Scholar
             Finalist – Dr. Gary L. Jones


      e.    Teachers having recently received National Board Certification for Professional
             Teaching Standards – Mrs. Dee Martin

·         Laurie Bates - Lessie Moore School

·         Tammi Carlisle - Tioga Jr. High School

·         Stephanie Edwards – Forest Hill School

·         Rebecca Starrett - Buckeye Elementary School


      f.     Counselor having recently received National Board Certification – Mrs. Dee Martin


·         Kristen Thames – Bolton High School          

5.     Consent Agenda:  Motion to adopt in globo the items listed on the consent agenda
         (the consent agenda is established by the Board’s Executive Committee and any board

         member may request that any consent agenda item be considered separately - whether
         considered in globo or separately, board member and public comment shall be permitted
         on any item listed on the consent agenda; see pages 2 and 3)




6.     Motion to hear a monthly update on expenses paid regarding Hurricane Gustav from
        Special Reserve Fund with reimbursement deposited back into Special Reserve Fund –    
        Ms. Liz Domite     


    *        7.      Motion to approve Food Service Management System Software contract(s) or agreement(s)
                      from RFP 10-04 and to authorize the Superintendent and/or Board President to sign any
                      and all documentation in connection with said contract(s) or agreement(s) – Ms. Liz

                                                            Source of funding Food Service               Amount $350,000.00 (est.)


    *       8.      Motion to adopt the 2010-2011 school calendar – Mr. Thomas Roque
          Pages 1-2


    *        9.     Motion to approve the curriculum/scheduling for each high school in Rapides Parish for

                      2010-2011 and that the high schools present curriculum/scheduling information to the

                      Board each year – Mr. Allen Bozeman and Ms. Penny Toney

                      Pages 3-19


    *      10.    Motion to discuss allowing teachers to donate sick days in special circumstances –

                      Mr. Wilton Barrios

             11.    Motion to authorize the Superintendent to negotiate and amend the performance contract

                      with Siemens to address the concerns of the Legislative Auditor/Attorney General in regards

                      to stipulated savings – Dr. Gary L. Jones


     *      12.    Motion to require all students in the Rapides Parish School System to have a minimum GPA

                     of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to participate in all extra curricular activities beginning 2010-2011

                      school year and that students have to earn a minimum of six (6) Carnegie units a year (this

                      motion was deferred from 10-6-09 Board meeting to allow LHSAA time to address this on

                      their January 2010 agenda) – Mr. Paul Dauzat


            13.    Motion to approve resignation of Alvin Jessie Nicolas due to job abandonment –
                     Ms. Dee Martin


            14.   Motion to consider the employment of special counsel to evaluate and pursue a

                      remediation claim concerning the board’s property in Section 16, T5N-R3E –

                      Mr. James Downs

                      Pages 20-21


            15.    Motion to hear an update from the Transportation Department – Dr. Stephen Chapman


            16.    Motion to go into Executive Session to discuss the following litigations:
                      (Pending and or Recently Closed)
No. 236,432 – Tracy Salard et al v RPSB; No. 236,380 – RPSB v Geraldine Clinton;  No.
                     236,283 – Jewel Cunningham obo minor v American Alternative, et al: No. 236,204 Eddie
                      Jerome Johnson obo minor v RPSB; No. 235,788 – Linda Sobel v RPSB; No. ACC113,566
                      – Latoya Eldridge v Mazie Riley et al; No. 235,083 – Michael Moran obo minor v AAIC,
                      Mazie Riley et al; No. 234,573 Wyman Winter v AAIC, Tonita Norlander, RPSB; No.
                      234,117 – Toni Reynolds v Carolyn Cootie, RPSB et al; No. ACC111,752 – Tina Saucier
                      Abshire ob minor v Jerry Roberts;  No. 233,405 – The American Insurance Co. v RPSB,
                      Alphonso L. Denson, et al: No. 232,855 – Gloria Jones, et al v Allstate Insurance, RPSB,
                      et al:  No. 232,787/232,732/ACC110612 – Katherleen Smith, et al v RPSB, et al: No.
                      231,683 – RPSB v Vanessa Johnson, US Agencies, et al;  No. 231,729 – Alveldia Williams
                      obo minor v RPSB, WA, et al; No. 231, 237 – Maggie Davis obo minor v Coregis, RPSB,et
                      al; No. 230,029 – Kenneth Ashworth obo minors v RPSB, et al; No. 230,235 – Patrice
                      Moore obo minor v RPSB, et al;  No. 230,187 – Angela Bell et al v RPSB et al: No.
                      226,052 – Eric Thibodeaux v RPSB, et al; No. 1:07CV1583/227,661 – Eric Speed v Urban
                      Missionaries, et al; No. 226,362/107026 – Terry Carter v RPSB;  No.228,291- David
                      Campo, et al v RPSB; No. 227,784 – Joseph Shane Brady v CWH, RPSB et al: No.
                     227,640 – Steve McGee v GLJ, RPSB, et al;  No. 227,601 – Geraldine Clinton et al, v
                      RPSB; No. 226,670 – James Henning, et al v RPSB; No. 223,795 – Mary Coty, et al  v
                      RPSB et al; No. 222,568 – Alvin Lyons Sr., et al v RPSB, et al; No. 221,914 – Phyllis
                      Stevens et al v Progressive Insurance, et al; No. 220,066 D – Johnnie Johnson, et al v
                      RPSB; No. 220,100D – Tonia Sellers obo Kamra Sellers v RPSB, Larry LeBeouf, et al; 
                      No. 213,277- Greg L. Jones v CG, et al: No.212,828 – Cindy Finister et al v RPSB; No.
                      99208 – Carolyn Joseph et al v RPSB; No. 99245 – Taretta Peterson et al v RPSB; No.
                      215,602 – Vickie Wigley v RPSB; No.211,640 – Emma Dubreuil et al v RPSB; No.
                      212,045 – Charles Graham ob  minor v RPSB;  No. 215,106 – Deborah Rutan v RPSB; 
                      No. 214,719 – Shadrick Williams obo minor v RPSB;  No. 214, 470 – Ronald & Earnest
                      Miles v RPSB; No. 211,033 – James Harvey v RPSB;  No. 210,322 – Patricia Powel v
                      RPSB; No. 215,828 – Paula Durham v RPSB; No. 205,692 – RPSB v C & C Fontenot
                      Construction;  No. 98-1754 – Zwireck Scott v RPSB; No. 214,192 – Jimmy Cloud et al v
                      RPSB; No. 207, 829 – Homer Hicks, et al v Anco Insulations,  Inc., et al :  -
                      Dr. Stephen Chapman


Consent agenda: (Item 5)


A.  Reports:


                  1.    to receive an update on school construction projects – Mr. Thomas Roque
                         Page 22


            B.  Action – Minutes

      1.    to approve the minutes of the 2-2-10 meeting, the 1-19-10 Personnel, Education and
                          Finance          Committee meetings, the 1-25-10 District 62 Committee meeting and the 1-25-10
                          Executive Committee meeting of the Board as written and to be published in the official
                          journal, the Alexandria Daily Town Talk

            C.  Action – Finance

             *   1.    to approve personal services contracts, leases, and other such agreements; authorize the
                         Board President and/or Superintendent to sign any and all documentation in connection                               with said contracts; and approve bills paid for the previous month – Ms. Liz Domite                                                   

              *   2.    to approve/adopt any budget changes/amendments – Ms. Liz Domite
                          Page 23

             *   3.    to receive an update/report on grants, approve grants included therein, and authorize the
             Superintendent to sign any and all documentation in connection therewith – Ms. Liz
             Page 24   


       D.  Action - Discipline   (Motion to go into Executive Session for 1, 2 and 3)


  *   1.   to uphold the Rapides Parish School Board Review Committee’s recommendations –

     Mrs. Ruby Smith   


  2.   to receive an update outlining the progress of each student attending the L.E.A.D.
       Center – Mrs. Ruby Smith

  3.   to approve the performance contract for students successfully completing the             
        requirements – Mrs. Ruby Smith

            E.  Action – Personnel


                    1.   approve resignations, retirements since the February 2, 2010 Board meeting –                              
                          Mrs. Dee Martin


       2.   approve all new hires since the February 2, 2010 Board meeting, pending a satisfactory
            drug screening and background check - Mrs. Dee Martin

       3.   approve promotions since the February 2, 2010 Board meeting – Mrs. Dee Martin   


       4.   approve performance contract renewals since the February 2, 2010 Board meeting –
            Mrs. Dee Martin


                    5.   grant leave requests, rescissions, waivers, etc. since the February 2, 2010 Board meeting -
                        Mrs. Dee Martin   



               *   Denotes that these items have been through committee 

       IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, Witness my official signature and the seal of the Rapides Parish       
       School Board this 24th day of February 2010.

                                                                                                                    /s/Steve Berry




       /s/Gary L. Jones



       S E A L

3-2-10       ADD-ONS

                  REGULAR BOARD



17.       Recognize Tioga ROTC for
            outstanding achievement – Mr.
            Wilton Barrios
            Reason to add: Information was
            just received and needs to be done
            at this meeting

18 .       Motion to allow parents of Justin
         Gore an opportunity to address
           the Board - Mr. Steve Berry
            Reason to add: Needs to be
            addressed at this meeting